Everything is going to be so perfect


Eight months ago we didn’t know all the things that are happening. I am happy that we are where we are now.

There’s not a possible way that I could explain with words all the things that I’ve experience with you, I cannot explain all the things that you make me feel when you look at me, when I…


It’s been 8 months since the night we kissed and not a day goes by where my feelings for you decrease. With each passing day I love you more, and when this night comes around each month all I can think about is how I never want this to end, how you have changed my life for the better and about what amazing times we have ahead of us. You have made me happy, in a way that can’t be matched by anything I’ve felt before. You have taken me places I have never been and showed me the way of affection in a light that I have never experienced before. You are all that matters to me and everything I do in my day to day life I do thinking of you. I can’t wait for us to have a place where we can do whatever we want. Where I can come on my breaks and slip back into bed with you. Where I can cook you meals and watch movies and do whatever it is that we want to do. 8 months is just the beginning for us. I’ll be yours para siempre.

Te amo, mi pequeña pajaro ❤️

I really didn’t want you to leave today. I wish we could spend every day doing whatever we want, without the limits of time or money. We would do everything. Even on our lazy days we do so much. I’ve never had someone who motivates me to go and do and see things. And the best thing about when we go and do things is that I’m sharing it all with you, and it’s you and I experiencing these things together.

Happiness is only real when shared.


I know sometimes it must be hard to put up with me, so thank you for staying here with me. Thank you for not just giving up on me. I love you, and I only want us to have good times and amor. I didn’t want you to go to work today at all. Hurry back please ❤️

You ask for me

and I’ll be there.

I can’t think of anything id rather be than yours.

You don’t have to thank me for anything.

My whole world is yours.